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British American Tobacco Company Workers Accuses Management Of Exposing Them To COVID-19

Workers with the British American Tobacco Company Nigeria have accused its management of insensitivity-despite orders by the Federal and State Government, for private companies to reduce its work force by more than 70 percent to contain the spread of Coronavirus, the multinational company continues to deploy its staff across the country and ramp up production.

A mail sent by the Company’s MD, Yacoub Al Burani on Friday, the 27th of March described workers as heroes and thanked them for keeping the supply chain running, but failed to say when the company will shut down or reduce its field operations with increasing cases of the Corona Virus in the South West of Nigeria.

Interestingly the Company’s corporate headquarters in Lagos is shut for business, but behind the scenes business proceeds without a stutter- field workers continue to be deployed daily.

Aggrieved staff that refused to be mentioned say the company continues to put them in ‘harm’s way’ and social distancing isn’t a consideration while working in the fields.

British American Tobacco Company Nigeria describes itself as a leading, multi category consumer goods company that provides Tobacco and Nicotine products to hundreds of millions of adult consumers worldwide.

Find below a copy of commendation mail sent by the Company’s MD, Yacoub Al Burani on Friday, the 27th of March.

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