The Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, Abba Kyari is in Lagos for further treatment of his Coronavirus ailment, but his whereabout is unknown even to the state govermnment.

This according to Lagos State Commissioner for Health Professor Akin Abayomi while giving he update on the COVID-19 cases in the State.

He disclosed that he could confirm that Abba Kyari is in Lagos, he has no knowllege of his whereabout.

On the update Lagos State government said all the 73 Coronavirus patients remaining under its care will survive the disease.

He told journalists that the patients were experiencing mild and moderate symptoms of the virus, he said though Lagos has had 81 cases, eight of them had been discharged.

The Commissioner said at present none of the Coronavirus patients in Lagos needs ventilator.

According to him the state government will next week discharge more Coronavirus patients under its care, after they must have had two consecutive negative tests.

Professor Abayomi stated that the state has recorded 100 per cent survival rate as none of the patients under its care had died, he maintained that the state government and its health personnel are committed to providing adequate care to all its patients.

He stated further that there are three testing facilities and each has the capacity to do 50 tests in a day and there are ongoing efforts to increase the capacities of the labs to be able to carry a thousand tests a day.

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