The family of Margaret Adiya Ikumu, a-19 year old girl in Lagos who recently faked her own death using the image photograph of her employer’s daughter, Dr. Nimechi Ugorji on a fictitious Facebook account in the name of Marvellous Mary to carry out her evil plan of faking her death has formally apologized to the family of Dr. Ugorji and her family over the unfortunate behaviour of their daughter.

In an apology message to the Ugorji’s on behalf of Margaret’s family by Mr. Tony Iji, the family expresses regret over the mischievous action of their daughter which obviously tarnishes the image and reputation of Dr. Ugorji.

The statement reads, “On behalf of Margaret Ikumu’s family, we wish to tender an unreserved apology to the entire Ugorji family, especially Dr. Nimechi for Margaret’s irresponsible behaviour and for misleading us to also wrongly use the same image of Dr. Nimechi in our posting as Marvellous Mary who claimed to have buried Margaret’s corpse in her mischievous fake death saga. All actions concerning the usage of Dr. Nimechi’s image in connection with the fake death plot by Margaret is regrettable”.

The family equally expresses regret over Margaret’s insensitive behavior of parading the corpse of the late matriarch of the Ugorji family on Facebook, late Mrs. Ugorji purported to be her own dead body.

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