Obieshi’s Widow Disagrees With Police Accidental Shooting Report, Demands Justice

Widow of slained Mr. Chikere Obieshi, popularly called (Jesus’ Brother -JB) Mrs. Vivian Ifenyinwa Obieshi has been speaking on the killing of her husband by a police officer, Insp. Mohammed Hussini.

Speaking to CASEFILE at her home in the Alimosho area of Lagos State, the 28-year-old woman amidst tears said, “I am heartbroken and bitter, and what I want is justice for my husband, justice for JB, justice for JB Communications, because the only wrong thing he did was to be a brother’s keeper.”

She described the 38-year-old father of four children as a friendly person, and not a trouble maker, saying: “Anywhere he enters, he makes friend and tries to put smiles on the faces of everybody.

In her words, “This is not a case of an accident, this was a planned deal.

“I want justice for him and want all those involved be brought to light and all those involved to be brought to justice,” she insisted.

Following her demands, Mrs. Vivian narrated that her husband was invited to a birthday party, by someone nicknamed Asiwaju before he was killed.

She continues, “I have never heard him tell me that Asiwaju invited him for a birthday, he was invited to the party just close to the bustop, close to our house and he called me.

“That place he was invited to, he doesn’t like going to such places but because he was somebody that likes honouring invitations, before he entered there he called me, he was like, let me just show my face, honour the invitation and come out, I’m coming in the next few minutes you will see me, I was like it’s okay.”

She explained that few minutes after their conversation on phone, “I started hearing there was a gun shot at the bustop, at Da-Silver Club and the so-called Asiwaju that invited him for the birthday jumped over the fence, ran out and he is nowhere to be found, no communication, he could not even reach us the family or to tell us what happened or anything.

“So I feel this was a perfectly signed deal.” 

She also noted, “Before the incident on Sunday, the celebrant had called my husband telling him of a birthday, later that night he called him that it had been cancelled, that they should move it till Sunday.

Informing that she was with her husband all through the day, because he accompanied her to the hospital for dressing and medical check-up following a surgery that she is still recuperating from.

Pointing to culpability of the celebrant in the killing of her loved one, she explained that the party was scheduled to hold at a place he knows her husband would not resist, stressing that the party was held close to the home of the deceased.

Speaking further, “If it was far, he wouldn’t go because he knows the condition of his family, he knows my condition. I believe vividly that this was a set-up.”

Describing a video, which she claimed she saw, “From the video that I saw, the Asiwaju was very anxious, he felt something was going to happen.“My husband was spraying him money, he was just standing uprightly, not moving, not dancing. 

“Immediately the gun shot was aimed, he flew over the fence, took his car and left, so I believe this was a clear assassin’s case.

Bursting into tears, she called on the Inspector General of Police and everybody, “I want justice for me and for my children, I want justice for JB Communcations.

“I know my husband soul is not going to rest until justice is served.

She lamented, “All his plans for us, and everything, gone just like that.

Asking this way: “Just one person, just one human being trying to shatter the lives of me and my children.

She insisted that she was not going to back off but keep on fighting.. Justice must be served, Asiwaju and all those perpetrators and everyone at the back must be brought to justice.

Reminiscing on her husband, she told journalists, “If you have not met my husband or never known him, the first day you meet him, he is so proud of his family, he will tell you about his wife, he will tell you about his kids, even during my surgery in the hospital, all the nurses where like I have never seen this kind of love before.

“While on the sick bed, he will lie down with me, he will rub my back, he would stay with me, even he was in tears, he was there, he was so happy that the surgery was successful that he dashed money to all the workers, and they were so happy, that is my husband.”

She also said that her husband is a very straight forward person and would always describe his family as his investment, according to her, “He doesn’t joke with his family, his children, his mother, nor his siblings.

She claimed that following the incident, the police did not contact her, rather she called the police on the morning she was informed of JB’s death.

She said all effort to reach her husband on phone was unsuccessful but an officer picked her call. She said she told the officer to give the phone to her husband out of disbelief.

“Just give the phone to my husband, I want to hear my husband’s voice, he was like you should come to the station.”

She however added that a police officer came to her today (Wednesday) to take her statement.

She expressed doubt that justice would be served.“I am not assured because I know Asiwaju works with the police and I know he has connections, and I know they are trying their best to cover some kinds of things up and that is why I am calling on everybody and on the IGP, the youth to help seek justice for my husband, if not for me but for my little kids because I don’t know where to start from. I need justice,” she cried.

Earlier, family members and friends of the deceased held a press conference at the Computer Village office of the deceased, calling for justice.

Meanwhile, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Benjamin Hundeyin in a statement issued on Wednesday confirmed there was shooting incident at birthday party in Egbeda.

According to the Police Spokesperson, he disclosed that the Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alabi has ordered an immediate full-scale investigation into circumstances surrounding the unfortunate incident on Sunday April 24, 2022 at about 2100 hours.

The police also said that the shooting incident occurred at La Silver Bar, Egbeda which resulted in the death of two persons and injuries to others. 

The statement said, “Upon receipt of the information, the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, CP Abiodun Alabi, ordered an immediate full-scale investigation into circumstances surrounding the unfortunate incident.

“While investigation is ongoing, findings so far reveal that the shooting was accidental and involved an off-duty police officer, Inspr Mohammed Hussini, serving at the State Headquarters, Ikeja. 

“Findings equally reveal that the off-duty officer is a friend of the celebrant, Ifeanyi aka Obama and was not at the party in any official capacity. 

“Efforts are currently being intensified to apprehend the fleeing birthday celebrant while the officer involved is expected to turn himself in anytime soon.”

The police boss CP Alabi has given firm assurances that everyone found culpable in the sad and unavoidable incident will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the law. 


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