Trade X Boosts Nigerian Automotive Industry With The Launch Of Al Technology

L-R: Head of Africa, Mark Cawood and Billy Martin, Global Head of Business Development

Trade X has boosted the Nigerian automotive industry with the launching of its AI technology-based one-stop platform for car dealers in Lagos recently.

The platform will help sellers and buyers of vehicles of different brands to connect with the company across the world.

The Trade X management prides itself with sales of cars and other vehicles to trusted car dealers across the world.

While speaking to car dealers from various local government in Lagos State who were in attendance at the launching of Trade X platform, Billy Martin, Global Head of Business Development pledges that its team of experts will provide necessary services for its customers in order to ensure top-notch delivery of any brand of vehicle they buy through their platform.

According to Martin, who has been developing Trade X, around the world, its brand has been doing business in the country for 14 months.

The company’s Global Head added,” We are in 53 countries currently and by the end of 2023, we are going to be in over a hundred and twenty (120) countries, he predicted.

He said, the platform is better known for sourcing vehicles as well as selling vehicles through our platforms at a different level.

He assured Nigerians that its company is in the country to give quality service on Business to Business, B2B, basis only.

According to him, “Findings in the country reveals that Nigerians should be provided with under-used and brand news cars.

“We have luxury vehicles and we have luxury dealers here on the Victoria Islands.

“As I speak to you, I have two G 63 at the Port, and one Rolls Royce.

“We are shipping vehicles here at different levels, it’s not just the luxury that we focus, whatever you guys request us, only you can tell us what that market is.”

He also spoke extensively on the issue of trust between company and customers in Nigeria.

Specifically, he assured that when a customer makes payment for a vehicle, the buyer is sure to get delivery of the vehicle.

Martin expressed further, “The only way I do business is only through a Know Your Customer, KYC. We don’t do business with people we don’t know and that’s why we do KYC to get to know one another, and that’s how we do business to understand ourselves and trust.

“We do business globally, from Asia to Africa, North America, every continent on the planet,” he said.

He also highlighted why trust is important to its business, for both parties.

In his words, “In order to do that and to receive, that is a trust factor, and it goes both ways, I have to trust you guys as well.

“How do I get my money when I bring my car, which is a huge investment process, how do you gonna know you get the car? And that’s the beauty.

“We take the largest and biggest risks in the industry by far.

“We deal with brand new vehicles and pre-owned vehicles, the used-vehicles are depending on what they requested.

“Again, we have to focus on the market that is calling for under-used vehicles.”

“In the last few days I’ve been here, I see a lot of Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes Benz and Honda, I don’t think they do fancy trucks, caravans and things like that, so we try to comply with what you are actually looking for.”

Aligning with Martin, Head of Africa, Mark Cawood assured that the company puts parameters in place to minimise risks and we manage it, that is how we are going to succeed in holding that trust, he said.

Mrs. Oluwatoyin Ojo, a Nigerian Representative also told CASEFILE that though Trade X is based in Canada but it has  been in Nigeria since October, 2021.

She said, “What we do here is that we sell automobiles.”

She said it’s has been nice for the company to be in Nigeria, as she said, “People trust me with their money, cars. We have a physical warehouse in Ilupeju, Lagos.”

According to her, the warehouse can hold about 200 cars at a go, and we have been able to build the trust.

Earlier, Martin, in a presentation titled: Automotive Trade Without Borders, demonstrated how their customers can connect with Trade X App via Google Play Store or its website:, to a cross-section of car dealers.

In attendance were some of the executives and members of various zones of Lagos State Motor Dealer Association, LMDA.

Notable among them, were Faseyide Oluwadare .O, and Soneye Muyiwa Olalekan (Ikorodu Zone) among others.

Some of the LMDA members who are already customers, were gifted VIP Gift packs, holding an Apple Airpod won through raffle draws.

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