Pastor Chris Okafor Denies Faking Miracles, Explains Relationship With The Accuser, Bose Olasunkanmi

Pastor Chris Okafor popularly called the Oracle of God of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry also known as Liberation City on Monday debunked the allegation of staging a fake miracle on a woman, Bose Olasunkanmi whom he was accused of paying for the purpose.

According to media reports, trending news of fake miracle performed on a woman, with twisted hand also fingered the pastor among five pastors reported to have used the woman with bulgy arm (Bose Olasunkanmi) to perform same miracle.
The man of God has however refuted the claim by the woman who said she was paid the sum of N400,000 for the miracle.

At a press conference in Lagos, Okafor through his counsel, Mr. Monday Ubani said its necessary to respond to the issue of fake miracle that has been generating controversies for a while.

According to the pastor, “The recent story in a national daily an online platform that the sum of N400,000 was paid to procure a fake miracle is not true.

“The lady in question came to church like every other person and the said programme through which she was healed was shown on the live television and there was nothing to hide because it was not only the woman that was healed.

“The church is not new, it’s been in existence over 10 years and the members who keep increasing has experienced the touch of God one way or the other, so there was no issue of arranging any miracle to anybody.

Speaking about the issue of money paid to the woman, pastor Okafor said when the news broke out, it was discovered that the woman has been going to other churches and when asked she said its poverty that caused it because she is a widow.

“Upon hearing that, the man of God who is a very compassionate person gave her the sum of N400,000 to empower her and live a worthy live instead of going from one church to another.

“The money given to her was not to procure fake miracle but to empower her to stop going from one church to another and after her visit to the church, there has not been any report that she goes to any other church, Liberation City Church was the one she visited last and she also confirmed that she received her miracle there.

“There is no iota of truth in the story that has been going round about the miracle.
Before one even talk about criminality on the issue, there must be act of intention to commit a crime and there must also be a connection. Even if there is any allegation, who is the complaint , is it the woman or any church member because it seems there is more to the story than meet the eyes because all the stories that has been written are one sided because no one asked for the side of the church.

“ We are not denying the fact that some pastors engage in such act and the God that such mean of are claiming to be serving will be the ultimate judge.

“If you attend Liberation church, you will see for yourself what God is doing through the man of God and if it were fake miracles, it would have stopped working since.
We know there are fake pastors and God will expose them so as to exonerate those who are genuinely doing the work of God.”

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