Abia Monarchs Drum Support For Government’s Efforts At Tackling COVID-19

The Council of Ohafia Monarchs has urged its subjects to comply with Abia State Government directives aimed at achieving a secure, safe and virus free environment in the State.

This position was made known through a communique issued on Wednesday, 25th March 2020 by the Council of Ohafia Monarchs (Onoko Nde Ezieogo Ohafia) at the end of its monthly meeting held at the Palace of His Royal Paramount, Ezieogo Prof EUL Imaga where the following directives/orders were issued:

Below is the statement

1)The Council commends the efforts so far made and still being made by Federal and State Governments across the Country to contain and stop the spread of the deadly virus COVID-19 in the Country.

2) The Council have carefully studied the press releases, activities and plans of the Abia State Government aimed at achieving a secure, safe and virus free environment in the State and commends the State Governor, urging him and the task force set up to be more proactive.

3) The Council in pursuit of this onerous goal, hereby bans with immediate effect all social  activities, burials, send-off, traditional marriages, weddings etc involving more than 50 persons in Ohafia until further notice.

4) Also suspended until further notice with immediate effect are all meetings, including the Council of Monarchs, Community/Town Development Union, Age Grades etc involving more than 30 persons.

5) All churches in Ohafia are to hold services in streams of not more than 50 members observing the recommended social distancing of 1.5m in seating arrangement.

6) All burials, traditional marriages and other ceremonies already scheduled for and up to Sunday 29th March are to be drastically scaled down or reduced to in-house family affair, observing all the recommended safe practices. Where such an event cannot be cancelled outright, the use of sanitizers, hand washing and social distancing must be strictly observed. 

7) The Council of Ohafia Monarchs urges the Federal and State governments to quickly put in place further mechanisms and enforceable laws that will secure and keep the Rural Communities (Our Food Baskets) safe from the virus.

8) Action no.7 by Governments is to be followed by their procurement and immediate distribution to the rural communities agricultural and farm inputs/incentives to avert a famine arising from sustained shutdown globally.

9) The Council will use “Akpan” authority, Town Criers to begin the Publicity of this directives/ orders. Teaching and demonstrating self hygiene, constant hand washing, clean  environment, etc to keep the virus out of the community.

10) The Ohafia Improvement Union (OIU inc), Town Unions are by this announcement mandated to issue complimentary directives to all our sons and daughters living in the Cities outside Ohafia and in the Diaspora to keep safe, self isolate where necessary and applicable. No one will hold it against anyone for not coming home until further notice as all compulsory activities have been put on hold . Where anyone must come home he/she should ascertain his status and be subjected to the State’s and local  laws in place.

11) The Council urges the Chairman,  Transition Committee, Ohafia Local Government Area, Chief Fred Eke to swing into immediate action and implement  the directives of the state government  in Ohafia.

12) We thank everyone, indigenes and residents alike and request for your compliance. As we play our role , we pray also for God’s mercies and quick intervention. This directives/orders are with immediate effect and remains through to the end of April. 

13) Finally by this notice the Council of Ohafia Monarchs meetings have been temporarily suspended and the following members appointed to meet with The Udumeze, Prof EUL Imaga to take immediate and necessary action as the need arises. 
1)HRP Ezieogo Prof EUL Imaga 08033719671.

2) HRM Ezieogo Kalu Ikenga 08034984748.

3) HRM Ezieogo Mba Odo Okereke, JP 08034933428

4)HRM Ezieogo Kalu Awa 09064786288.

5)HRM Ezieogo Elder Emmanuel Kalu 08033114189

6)HRM Ezieogo Elder Nmecha U Nmecha 08033600076

7) HRM Ezieogo Awa Nwankwo 08033465585

8) HRM Ezieogo Onuma Kalu 08063915713 and the Council PRO, Prince Chukwuma K Udensi 08033368174.

All are encouraged to avail the Council through this committee of necessary information and advice.
Mben kweni wo.

Keep Safe and free from COVID-19.

Remain in His Grace.


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