Obasanjo’s Ex-Wife Asks Youths To Join The Fight Against COVID-19

Former wife of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Mrs. Taiwo Obasanjo has called on Nigerian youths to join her effort to free the country from the rampaging Coronavirus pandemic.

The call is contained in a statement issued on Saturday by Mrs. Obasanjo.

She noted that her voluntary organisation, Youths for National & International Responsibility, wants all the youths in Nigeria to join her and be actively involved, be persistent in the process of finding lasting solution to the nation’s current coronaavirus pandemic.

The statement explained, Youths for National & International Responsibility- A.K.A We care, We love is an amalgamation of all ethnic youths in Nigeria, bringing them together and uniting in love – with no ethnic barrier, no hatred, no superiority, no arrogancy – with commitment and  genuine purpose, devoting to render humanitarian services to continuously look for internal and African home made, non toxic, cheap and affordable solutions to the rampaging pandemic problem.

It added, “We all go into every nook and corner of our nation to get hidden and unknown, yet very effective cure for the virus that is affordable to all, which we will publicize and bring to the knowledge of all on Radio, TV, Newspapers, Social Media etc in English and in all our local languages. Any effective discovery for the cure will be given out to the poor at very cheap rate or free where necessary.

‘This is a wake up call for all our youths in Nigeria and a challenge for them to be impactful and to take charge for God and the people and be a genuine problem solver not by insulting, abusing and judging any group or person or government.

“Our driven objective is…. What can we do as youths of Nigeria to play our part, to bring solutions that is permanent to the current coronavirus plaque. Another very deadly plaque has been predicted will come after coronavirus, I want the youths to join hands together with me and other mothers in the land to combat the current coronavirus. We should not leave the problem for the government alone to solve for us.

“We invite youths from the North and South to volunteer their services.”

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