Robert Clarke, SAN Backs Dele Adesina For NBA Presidency

Another round of Election of the Nigerian Bar Association is less than a month ahead and interested candidates are already jostling for the Office of the President of the Association. These include Mr. Dele Adesina SAN, Dr. Babatunde Ajibade SAN and Olumide Akpata ESQ.

The leadership of the Nigerian Bar Association is very key to the fundamental issues of independence of the Judiciary, the advancement of the Legal Profession itself, and the sustenance of Constitutional Democracy In Nigeria.
Recently, the general administration of justice in Nigeria has also faced contending issues of serious dimensions capable of eroding the trust and confidence of the people in our justice system. This Election should produce the best that is available among these candidates in terms of experience, firm understanding of the issues of our judicial system, including leadership courage to speak truth to power. Rhetoric and promises should be of no value, but knowledge, antecedents, and experience of what the candidates have done in the past in the above areas must constitute the principal considerations.
It is my opinion that Mr. DELE ADESINA SAN, whom I have seen at close quarters, listened to at several fora and more importantly, a past General Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association in an administration adjudged to be dynamic and progressive in the defence of Rule of Law, towers above the other candidates and that is why I recommend him.
Chief Robert Clarke SAN

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