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SAFIN Wants Government Intervention In The Plight Of African Children


In a bid to further call attention to the plight of Africa children,
Save the Future of Children Initiative, SAFIN, has called on African Governments to prioritise the needs of the African Child.

At the frontline of this call is Oyedeji Olufemi, Chief Executive Officer of SAFIN, a non governmental organisation.

The group noted that Africa risks sustainable development with continuous neglect of children.

But want the government to allocate adequate financial resources for the provision of basic social protection needs of African Children. 

According to the organisation, while marking the Day of the African Child with the theme: Eliminating Harmful Practices Affecting Children, it advocates children-friendly interventions in a statement made available to CASEFILE.

Below is the unedited statement of the organisation. 

Africa Risking Sustainable Development with continuous neglect of children

Today, 16th June, 2022 is the Day of the African Child with the theme Eliminating Harmful Practices Affecting Children: Progress on Policy and Practices since 2013

This moment calls for genuine action and commitment by African Governments to prioritize the needs of the African Child by allocating adequate financial resources for the provision of basic social protection needs of African Children.

African Children’s rights should be recognized and respected. They should be protected from harm including abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence.

A child protection systems that prevent and respond to abuse should be established and adequately funded.

The continuous neglect of millions of vulnerable children in Africa constitutes a serious human security risk to the entire continent.

Issues of child soldiers in war conflict zones, child trafficking, child labour, children on the move, out of school children etc requires urgent attention from the government if Africa must achieve sustainable development goals by 2030.

A peaceful, developed, prosperous and sustainable Africa can only be actualized when African Children are adequately nurtured and protected from violence.

Children are indeed the leaders of tomorrow, but what type of leaders are we grooming for Africa?

As an organization, we stand with African Children and we remain committed to advocating for an Africa where children have access to adequate social protection and their rights are respected.

We remember 1976 when you fought for your right to education but instead of them to listen to you, what you got was a gunshot.

For many children who have died as a result of war, hunger and systemic failure, our hearts are with your families and we promise you that we shall continue to fight your cause untill no child dies in Africa as a result of war, hunger and systemic failure.

Happy Day of the African Child to all African Children.

Oyedeji Olufemi
Save the Future of Children Initiative

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